Sixth Amish Farmer Dies in DWI Crash: No Wrongful Death Suits Expected

Another member of a Steuben County Amish community died as a result of the July 19 crash allegedly caused by a drunk driver. Elva J. Hershberger, age 39, succumbed Tuesday afternoon. Her husband died in the same accident.

The facts and circumstances of the crash point to a viable wrongful death suit on behalf of all of the deceased. A drunk driver tried to pass farm machinery on a rural road, in a "no-passing" zone, and collided with a van carrying a group of Amish farmers.

I do not expect that any wrongful death case will result over this tragic, preventable incident. The Amish separate themselves from the rest of the world in a wide variety of ways: cultural, social, technological, and legal.

Filing of a lawsuit is forbidden by the Amish.

News articles indicate that the Amish community will take care of the families of those killed and injured in the senseless incident.