New York Wrongful Death Matters Successfully Handled

What kinds of wrongful death matters has the blogging attorney handled in the past? Below is a list of the typical kinds of wrongful death matters previously litigated:

CAR CRASH: A college student returning home for the holidays, passenger in a car driven by a classmate who failed to yield to a speeding car, pulled out and was "T-boned" when entering the highway. The decedent survived for eight days in the hospital before expiring. The student's mother successfully sued both drivers for wrongful death, and used the proceeds to honor her daughters memory by sponsoring a nursing scholarship.

CAR CRASH: A young mother, joyriding in her husband's powerful Chevy Camaro, with three little girls (two her own) in the backseat, recklessly ran a stop sign on a county road and was struck by another vehicle. The three girls were killed. The mother went to prison. The father sued for wrongful death, and used the recovery to provide for the couple's other child.

HOSPITAL MISTAKE: A 44 year old man, a long time Eastman Kodak employee, hospitalized after injuring himself in a single vehicle motorcycle crash, was not monitored properly as his oxygen level dropped precipitously. A hospital employee looked at his "pulse ox" score and remarked that the finger monitors were "always failing" or words to that effect. The fact that he was suffering from massive internal bleeding was discovered after it was too late to save him. His wife successfully sued for wrongful death. His distributees included two teen-age children. Proceeds of settlement were used for their college education.

MEDICAL MALPRACTICE: A sixty year old retired man underwent surgery for cancer of the penis by a urologist. Following his post-operative aftercare, he received no follow up care or treatment (chemotherapy or radiation) for his cancer. When his cancer returned and spread into his lymph nodes, he was terminal. Although his adult children's economic damages were modest because he was retired, they received sums of money due to the pain and suffering he endured, including his knowledge that he was "terminal" long before he passed.

MEDICAL MALPRACTICE: A 48 year old man twice in the same day went to his internist, complaining of heartburn and saying that he felt "odd". The doctor gave him an EKG, and prescribed nitroglycerine tablets, but sent him home both times. That evening he died from a massive heart attack. The doctor settled, acknowledging that she should have sent the decedent to the hospital, having previously treated his father for heart disease, and knowing the family history. Since the decedent was earning hundreds of thousands of dollars annually, the settlement amount paid to his wife and daughters, aged 19 & 21, was in the millions of dollars.