"Jackass" Star, Lives Up to Name, Kills Self & Buddy in Crash

Ryan Dunn, age 34, known for his insane and dangerous antics in movies and on MTV as part of the Jackass franchise, crashed his Porsche, going 130 mph while intoxicated in Chester, PA, at about 3 a.m., last June 20.

Zachary Hartwell, Dunn's passenger who died in the fiery crash, was married less than one year at the time.

As passenger, Hartwell was not in control of the automobile, Dunn was. His high speed, intoxicated, operation of the Porsche was negligent. The crash and resulting deaths was his fault.

No wrongful death recovery will make up for Hartwell's wife's loss...

Whether Dunn was a true "jackass" or an all-American boy, the combination of youth, alcohol, and speed, once again claimed more life.